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DePuy Synthes wanted to optimize parent company Johnson & Johnson’s sponsorship of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil in an effort to grow their Orthopedic Sports Medicine business by strengthening relationships with their customers; orthopedic clinics and physicians nationwide.


With the support of FIFA’s medical committee and Dr. Dvorak, we optimized J&J’s sponsorship access to develop a nationwide “Sports Injury Prevention Campaign” featuring FIFA 11+, an under publicized exercise regimen scientifically proven to reduce the risk of injury, in particular among teenage girls who are 6 times more likely to suffer an ACL injury. We repurposed FIFA 11+ content to develop an integrated digital marketing campaign hosted on Facebook providing a platform to publicize, share and engage the soccer community nationwide.

Seeking greater penetration on US soil Eiger negotiated a three year partnership with U.S. Soccer and program endorsers to be, rising star and face of the U.S. Women’s National Team Alex Morgan and U.S. Soccer Hall of Fame player Cobi Jones. Pairing U.S. Soccer influencers, the halo of a FIFA World Cup and a FIFA endorsed Sports Injury Prevention Campaign we launched the program on “The Today Show” featuring Alex Morgan and a nationally renowned surgeon with a message of encouragement, asking young athletes to “Take the Pledge” to reduce the risk of injury using the benefits of FIFA 11+.

With a national platform established we developed custom digital content for the web and social media, engaged Depuy Synthes’ most influential Orthopedic Surgeons in over 50 markets to deliver a dynamic message directed to young athletes, coaches and parents. Using a proven formula we delivered a live audience of more than 250 parents, coaches and players in each market to participate in our mobile program tour which featured digital content, live music, hospitality, photo marketing, talent and local radio hosts.


The “Sports Injury Prevention Campaign” generated national awareness among athletes, parents and coaches as to the growing risk of sports injury while encouraging them to “Take the Pledge” and act on measures introduced by Depuy Synthes Orthopedic Surgeon partners to offset the risk. Supported with a launch on the Today Show, regional television appearances and clinics nationwide we touched more than 3 million youth soccer players through social media and engaged more than 10,000 participants with the support of Depuy Synthes 50 leading Orthopedic Surgeons. Total impressions through social media, television appearances, clinics and US National Team on-site activations exceeded 10,000,000 people in an 18 month period. Most importantly, DePuy Synthes raised the profile of the brand, fortified clinic-physician relationships and led to quarter over quarter sales increase for the duration of the campaign.

"Eiger Marketing Group has been an invaluable partner to Mitek Sports Medicine - a J&J company - from conception to execution of our 2014 FIFA World Cup Sports Injury Prevention Program. From negotiating sponsorship agreements with U.S. Soccer and company ambassador Alex Morgan to acting as FIFA liaison and staging sports injury prevention clinics nationwide Eiger's understanding of the soccer space has proved invaluable to the success of our program."

Alan Cornell, Vice-President Johnson & Johnson Company

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