Hospitality Program 2014 FIFA World Cup

Hospitality Program


We were asked to develop a multi-wave 5-week end-to-end World Cup hospitality program to accommodate 50 guests per wave for a HNW client who was hosting guests from around the globe. Guests were to stay 5-7 days on average and watch a minimum of one match. 6-star accommodation, transportation, entertainment, security and logistics would be critical success factors.


We designed and executed a custom itinerary from start to end in Brazil for 50 guests per wave. With severe constraints on accommodation a decision was made to hire a world-class full-service yacht covering 465 feet. Guests were treated to a minimum of 1 match featuring host country Brazil and with a full-time yacht staff of 89. We designed a full-service program with the boat at the center offering 24/7 service and entertainment.

A private jet was hired to take guests from the base in Rio to different venue cities on 7 different game days. On non-match days the yacht set to sea, touring the coast and nearby islands allowing guests to participate in on-water activities. On- and off-shore daily programs were coordinated with ship staff and local experts. A security team of up to 8 people was hired to ensure safety and manage daily travel logistics. Advance scouting in each market allowed for a seamless experience in each venue city. The guests visited 5 cities throughout the World Cup program.


The program host achieved stated goals of treating guests to a once in a lifetime World Cup experience beginning with private air arrangements to and from Brazil, world class full service yacht, private security, daily event programming, premium seating and hospitality from the Opening through to the Final.

In total our project coordination covered 34 days, 150 unique guests, 350 game day hospitality packages, 7 matches, 10 charters, and 5 cities supported by more than 5 project vendors and 110 combined staff.

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