Microsoft 2014 FIFA World Cup

Experiential Marketing


The Microsoft Windows brand team sought a way to strengthen their relationship with the tech savvy millennial and passionate US-based soccer fans using tremendous national interest in the World Cup to be held in the summer of 2014 in the US.

The goal was to generate Microsoft brand preference integrating Windows, Surface, Phone, X-Box and Internet Explorer under a centralized “One Microsoft“ soccer experience.


Inspired by the soccer fan rallying cry “WE WILL WIN”, later to be adopted as broadcaster ESPN’s game intro featuring the supporter group “American Outlaws”, we developed a nationwide “WE WILL WIN” marketing campaign.

We commissioned campaign specific artwork from the Futbol Artist Network and built a social-media driven sweepstakes supported by a 5-week experiential marketing campaign across 8 US soccer fan hot spots — Boston, New York, Miami, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle.

Activations were built in partnership with viewing events, popular soccer bars, U.S. Soccer supporter groups, community soccer events & festivals and MLS teams to bring a One Microsoft experience through a Surface and Phone that featured World Cup specific content. Programs featured included the ESPN World Cup app supported by Internet Explorer 10, the EA World Cup game on X-Box and X-Box’s Every Street United digital content.

The program spanned 8-markets in only 5-weeks time. It required extensive management around market research, location sourcing and contracting, staff training, travel coordination, shipping and technology management.

A one-on-one trial experience offered consumers the opportunity to experience global soccer through the lens of Microsoft supported content. The program engaged fans in a social photo marketing experience that allowed them to socialize support for their country of choice using country specific Futbol Artist Network commissioned artwork. Fans were rewarded with a U.S. or global themed supporter’s hat featuring the lively soccer artwork.


We generated over 40,000 technology trials showcasing “One Microsoft” including Surface, Windows, Phone, X-Box and the World Cup App powered by Internet Explorer. This World Cup initiative had a total reach of more than 1 million and an ROI of 317% with a presence in 8 markets and more than 30 locations over 5 weeks. Microsoft brand products and experiences were successfully integrated within the cultural phenomenon of World Cup so deeply embraced by target millennials nationwide.

"Eiger has provided invaluable sport specific insight, negotiated agreements, managed vendors, a social presence and developed creative programming at retail and in the field to reach our consumers through soccer. (We have) an agency team respected in the sport of soccer that has created, managed and produced more than 40 events nationwide exceeding all of our goals!"

Jennifer Coveny, Senior Manager Events Microsoft

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